About the Owner
Chuck Ingram has spent his life career in floor covering. As a child, he helped his father pick up scraps until he eventually acquired the skills to install. Working in Carmel, Geist, Noblesville, and the surrounding areas for two decades, Chuck gained experience and valuable lessons that are important when determining the application of products and installation techniques. This led him to become a sought-after professional in the high-end area of Indianapolis. As time passed and he took on more responsibility, he felt that it was the right time to open his own flooring store. Chuck’s high school dream turned into reality twenty-five years later. After installing for the top companies in the state, he has brought his skills and experience to the town of Yorktown.


Mission Statement
At Ingram’s Floor Coverings, our highest objective is service. We have friendly professionals showcasing quality products with knowledge and application of those products. In-store craftsmen are there to help you complete your projects in a timely and efficient manner. Beautiful carpet, luxurious tile, and timeless hardwood can make the single biggest difference in your home and our staff will show you how. You will want to tell a friend about Ingram’s!

Why Small Business?
Professionals at Ingram’s are in-tune to your individual needs as every job and application is different. There you will find that our prices are very competitive and our service is unmatched. You will not have to waste time speaking with people that have never been in your home. At Ingram’s, you will be streamlined to fewer professionals where important details of your project is not lost through the many ears of communication. Details are important to us and it is our pleasure to be working in your home.

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