Carpet is the most popular choice:

  • Economical
    • Covers larger areas for less cost on a variety of substrates
  • Comfortable
    • Warm and soft feel
  • Wide variety of colors and styles
    • Wider spectrum of colors to choose from
  • Best for absorbing sound
  • Warm feel and insulating quality
  • Certain carpet can be best for air quality
    • Wool actually pulls dust out of the air

Visit our showroom and learn about the best application of the various types of carpet.

  • Patterns: Add dimension and character
  • Loops: Perfect for higher traffic areas
  • Cut Pile: Comfortable and versatile
  • Texture: Adds more contemporary feel to cut pile carpet
  • Berber: Heavy loops that are comfortable and durable
  • Cut and Loop: Perfect for living room and stairs; soft to the touch; good wear
  • Frieze: Less sweeper markets; thinner version of shag
  • Shag: Heavy yarns; timeless look; long life


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